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….we took the long way home

What do 11 French, 1 Spanish, 1 Italian, 1 Irish, 2 American, 1 Swiss and 8 English people have in common? Well on May 25th 2011, they all sat down together and shared their love of the music of Roger Hodgson before being entertained for 2 hours by the minstrel himself.This was the first night of Roger's UK tour which kicked off at the Royal Albert Hall, and as Roger himself said, there are venues and then there is the Albert Hall'.

We can't better Irene Casotanna-Greenslade's beautiful review of this concert and recommend you read Irene's emotionally filled words…'The music seemed to flow through him and you could almost touch the emotion in his voice' After the concert, these new friends, most of whom had never met each other before, gave a little bit of their time to be together a little longer and continue to share their love of Roger's music and enjoy each other's company. This is not a new phenomenon; Roger's fans have been meeting up at concerts for many years. This is what Roger's music and passion inspires, new and lasting friendships are constantly being forged and deepened.

….and so to Gateshead…

May 27th and the next concert is the Sage, Gateshead. This is a beautiful, modern acoustically designed auditorium. Roger said he had specifically wanted to come back to Newcastle after an absence of over 30 years…and the crowd were very grateful that he did. One of the things we have observed at Roger's concerts is the look on people's faces when Roger plays the introduction to one of his well known and loved compositions. Faces light up with pleasure as fans are transported to a time in their lives associated with a particular song. There is such an intimate quality to his performance the fans feel like Roger is singing the song just for them. Whenever Roger plays 'Hide in your Shell ' it always provokes the same response, it is definitely one of his most loved compositions as so many people seem to connect with the lyrics. 'Fool's Overture' receives one of the most enthusiastic responses at every concert. Roger's band is exceptionally gifted and plays together as if they have been a band forever. Kevin 'fingers' Adamson almost steals the show during Child of Vision with his performance on the keyboard; Bryan Head gives a haunting performance on the drums on 'Don't leave me Now'; Ian Stewart's bass adds a rich depth to the performance while multi-instrumentalist Aaron MacDonald plays too many instruments, usually at the same time, for his own good…Fantastic.

…if it's Saturday it must be Glasgow…

May 28th and the UK tour has moved north of the border to Scotland. Again, Roger tells his fans how much he has been looking forward to returning to Glasgow. The fans returned the love a hundredfold. To say this was an emotionally charged concert would be an understatement. The fans were keen to enjoy themselves and sang along with great enthusiasm while listening reverentially to such songs as' Lord is it Mine 'and 'Along Came Mary'but this was a crowd that wanted to sing and sing they did!! 'Dreamer',' Give a Little Bit' and 'It's Raining Again' raising the roof! One of the great things about Glasgow was the number of family groups that were present…the love of Roger's music is passed on through the generations for safekeeping. Roger's music is timeless and as relevant today as forty years ago; his voice better than ever…

…and so we finish in Liverpool….

May 29th sees the 2011 UK tour end its run in Liverpool. Roger talked about the influence the Beatles had on him in his teenage years and how he hoped to leave the same kind of musical legacy through his music. Roger expressed his pleasure at being in Liverpool and told his fans that he had been looking forward to this night for a long time… and judging by the reaction he received, he was not the only one! This concert had sold out quickly and there was a waiting list for tickets. The crowd were rewarded with a beautiful rendition of John Lennon's 'Across the Universe' which was rapturously received and much appreciated. To hear the Liverpool crowd chant 'Roger is a Scouser' was incredible. After four shows in five nights, Roger's voice is as strong as ever. He doesn't miss a beat. The Liverpool Philharmonic Hall is a beautiful venue and the sound was superb. Roger's voice and instruments are in good hands -Howard Heckers knows how to ensure the crowd get the best possible audio experience and Roger asks the fans to stop by his sound desk and tell him so. On our way back to the hotel our Liverpudlian taxi driver asks us where we had been that night. Our reply that we had been to see Roger Hodgson prompted an impromptu rendition of 'Classics Live'! His fans are everywhere!!

…let your heart speak and guide you…

We spent 5 days touring the UK to watch four concerts. We travelled over 900 miles. This has made us appreciate all the more what Roger gives for his fans. He and his team must become exhausted with the travelling let alone the 100 other things they do in a day….but Roger always gives 110% at every concert. Where does this man get his energy - his batteries are recharged at every concert by the enthusiasm and love of the crowd. When Roger comments 'for the next two hours you are mine' it is true and the fans would quite happily be his for many hours more if given the chance. We weren't the only ones who travelled…so many fans we talked to had come from all over the UK and beyond to attend the concerts, to hear Roger perform the songs they had listened to and loved for most of their lives.

Thank you Roger, it has been a pleasure to follow you on this tour. We observed you giving so much of yourself to your fans, including those who wait outside the venues after the show because they just want to shake your hand and let you know how much they love you...and as you say…'in these crazy times we surely need to protect love'. Another act of kindness from Roger is when he acknowledges letters he has received from fans in the audience and varies the set list to include their requests such as 'Even in the Quietest Moments' and 'Know Who You Are'.

We had a blast. We met so many wonderful people from many countries who have become new friends against a backdrop of hearing our favourite songs played live. Thank you Linda and Shakti…your love and patience for Roger's fans know no bounds.

The 2011 UK tour has been a triumph and blistering success… We hope it ensures that you return here again very soon.

Marie and Tony

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